Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding

Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding

August 30, 2016 Crystal 0

Recently, Dr. Christopher Beasley and Emily Stecker of the Community Engagement Research Team (CERT) over at Washington College invited me to collaborate on an article about crowdsourcing mutual-help research funding. CERT researches peer support addiction recovery home and environmental advocacy organizations. I promoted Map Evansville‘s successful Kickstarter campaign and have experience with social media and online communities, so I was excited about the opportunity to work with talented individuals doing important work. The resulting article, “Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding,” is now in the Society of Community Research and Action’s (SCRA’s) The Community Psychologist. You can read it here. Our article provides a definition of crowdsourced funding, Read More…


How To: Commissioning Artwork as an Academic

August 10, 2016 Crystal 0

You might be wondering: When would academics commission artwork from an artist or graphic designer? There are actually quite a few times where one might consider doing so. Maybe you’re doing an evaluation with an institute or community organization, or reporting to funders, and want to put together a simple yet effective report. Maybe you’re doing an experiment and want more control over your stimuli, as was the case in the DUSC Lab when we wanted to do a study on self-avatar representation but wanted more control over the game itself, meaning I had to create a game from scratch. Read More…

Community psychology

What is Community Psychology?

August 2, 2016 Crystal 0

The first question I am usually asked when I tell someone I study community psychology is, “What is that, exactly?” Well, actually, no. The first question I usually get goes something like, “So can you tell me what’s wrong with me/my ex/my parent/whoever?” When I explain that no, I’m not a clinician or a counselor, the second question they ask is usually, “What do you do, then?” Fair enough. “What is community psychology?” In all honesty, this is a tough question to answer, at least succinctly. In my first two years at DePaul, a classmate of mine would often look at me Read More…