Neo Kobe Pizza

Neo Kobe Pizza: On Objective Game Reviews

September 30, 2016 Crystal 0

As you may be aware, my good friend Mark B. Writing over at DieHard GameFAN has started a new weekly podcast called Neo Kobe Pizza. Recently, I was a guest on the show to talk about the concept of the objective video game review. As Mark explains in the opening, the concept of the “objective” game review is not new. The argument usually states that gaming should be able to be viewed objectively, based wholly on the view of the unbiased reviewer. Games should be evaluated on a game’s mechanical and structural values. In other words, it would be reviewed based on Read More…

Midwest Eco 2016

Midwest Eco 2016 Registration Now Open

September 22, 2016 Crystal 0

I just wanted to make a quick post saying that registration for Midwest Eco 2016 is up! You can get more details here. This year’s conference theme is “Building Diverse Communities for Change.” The conference will be held October 14-15, 2016 on DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus. A special thanks goes to DePaul University’s Steans Center, who is graciously sponsoring the event. I am particularly excited about our keynote speaker, Dr. Amie McKibban from the University of Southern Indiana. Dr. McKibban is a dear friend of mine and an excellent mentor, and I look forward to hearing her speak. You can Read More…


Organization and the Academic

September 21, 2016 Crystal 0

One of the most popular questions I get from my professors and other graduate students revolves around my organization strategy. I manage quite a few projects; last year, I was in four labs and leading various projects. So I often get the question: how do you stay above water? The truth is, I don’t always feel like I have my life under control. I imagine that’s true of most–if not all–people. Ideally, I organize my life at three levels: the project list, the monthly to-do list, and the daily to-do list. I find this to be the most helpful organization Read More…

Data Presentation

Three Things I Learned From Edward Tufte’s Data Presentation Course

September 12, 2016 Crystal 0

I recently attended Edward Tufte’s one-day course on information and data presentation, thanks to a heads up from one of my favorite professors. Tufte is a data visualization master. Before the doors opened, Tufte went around the lobby introducing himself to people. He made sure that I’d gotten the student discount when I registered, and was genuinely pleased when I confirmed I had. During the warm up reading period, he made his way around the hall, introducing himself and signing books. Unfortunately I was unable to get any of my books signed or a photo with him. It was still really nice to see Read More…