About Me

I am a doctoral candidate in the community psychology program at DePaul University. I received my BA in English and psychology from the University of Southern Indiana in 2011 and an MA in applied psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2013.

As a scholar, gamer, and participant in online worlds, my major research interests revolve around how we interact with various technologies, especially those that house online communities. There is a burgeoning interest in technology as a dramatically growing area of human activity over the last decade for people across demographic groups. In particular, I am interested in understanding how technologies influence communities, the self, and health behaviors. When I’m not doing research, I like to write for DieHard GameFAN.

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About the Site

The name “Crystallized Intelligence” is sort of a pun that Mark B Writing reminded me of. I think it works, given that my name is Crystal and I study psychology, albeit not cognitive psychology, which is where the term comes from. “Crystallized intelligence” is a term for skills and knowledge acquired over a lifetime, in comparison to “fluid intelligence,” which refers more to abstract thinking that doesn’t require previous knowledge.

Left 4 Dead by Joel RoseMy logo was created by a friend of mine, Joel Rose of J. Rose Art Studio. In addition to being a freelance artist and selling the coolest shirts around, Joel is the resident artist for the gaming site I write for, DieHard GameFAN. He makes a lot of awesome art related to gaming, books, films, horror, and other topics. Please check out his work when you get a chance!