Benefits and Drawbacks of Membership in the Fighting Game Community

OTL Presents Preliminary FGC Study Findings

May 4, 2017 Crystal 0

On April 21, 2017, the Online Technologies Lab was at the Midwestern Psychological Association’s Society for Community Research and Action Program. There, we presented some preliminary results from the FGC survey we completed last year. OTL designed a survey including quantitative and qualitative questions that was based on the current literature about fighting games, as well as the blog posts, forum discussions, and direct feedback of community members. We wanted to share with all of you Ahmed AlSamaani’s poster about the benefits and drawbacks of FGC membership and the talk Jordan Reed and Kelly Collins presented on the relationship between affective (what people Read More…

A Parent's Guide to Video Games

Review: A Parent’s Guide to Video Games by Dr. Rachel Kowert

March 2, 2017 Crystal 0

I recently read Dr. Rachel Kowert‘s A Parent’s Guide to Video Games: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Video Games Impact Your Child’s Physical, Social, and Psychological Well-Being. This roughly 100-page guide is for parents who are interested in the research on video games. Specifically, the book discusses addiction, aggression and violent crime, cognitive development, physical and mental health, sexism and misogyny, social outcomes, and unintentional (positive) learning. Dr. Kowert also provides resources for additional reading and a FAQ section that addresses topics like stereotypes about gamers and content rating systems. A Parent’s Guide to Video Games is accessible, with pleasing illustrations by Read More…

Gaming Vision Network

Gaming Vision Network: Link’s Awakening

October 5, 2016 Crystal 0

Robert Hubbs of Gaming Vision Network invited me to be a guest on Game Jam, where we played Link’s Awakening, my favorite Legend of Zelda game. Link’s Awakening is one of the few games to take place outside of Hyrule, on Koholint Island. Link finds himself stranded after his ship crashes and meets the villagers on the island, who have been besieged by monsters more often as of late. He makes friends with the islanders, in particular a girl named Marin, who longs to visit the world outside of Koholint Island. I was really excited to talk to Robert about the game and Zelda franchise in general Read More…

Neo Kobe Pizza

Neo Kobe Pizza: On Objective Game Reviews

September 30, 2016 Crystal 0

As you may be aware, my good friend Mark B. Writing over at DieHard GameFAN has started a new weekly podcast called Neo Kobe Pizza. Recently, I was a guest on the show to talk about the concept of the objective video game review. As Mark explains in the opening, the concept of the “objective” game review is not new. The argument usually states that gaming should be able to be viewed objectively, based wholly on the view of the unbiased reviewer. Games should be evaluated on a game’s mechanical and structural values. In other words, it would be reviewed based on Read More…