Data Presentation

Three Things I Learned From Edward Tufte’s Data Presentation Course

September 12, 2016 Crystal 0

I recently attended Edward Tufte’s one-day course on information and data presentation, thanks to a heads up from one of my favorite professors. Tufte is a data visualization master. Before the doors opened, Tufte went around the lobby introducing himself to people. He made sure that I’d gotten the student discount when I registered, and was genuinely pleased when I confirmed I had. During the warm up reading period, he made his way around the hall, introducing himself and signing books. Unfortunately I was unable to get any of my books signed or a photo with him. It was still really nice to see Read More…

Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding

Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding

August 30, 2016 Crystal 0

Recently, Dr. Christopher Beasley and Emily Stecker of the Community Engagement Research Team (CERT) over at Washington College invited me to collaborate on an article about crowdsourcing mutual-help research funding. CERT researches peer support addiction recovery home and environmental advocacy organizations. I promoted Map Evansville‘s successful Kickstarter campaign and have experience with social media and online communities, so I was excited about the opportunity to work with talented individuals doing important work. The resulting article, “Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding,” is now in the Society of Community Research and Action’s (SCRA’s) The Community Psychologist. You can read it here. Our article provides a definition of crowdsourced funding, Read More…