How To: Commissioning Artwork as an Academic

August 10, 2016 Crystal 0

You might be wondering: When would academics commission artwork from an artist or graphic designer? There are actually quite a few times where one might consider doing so. Maybe you’re doing an evaluation with an institute or community organization, or reporting to funders, and want to put together a simple yet effective report. Maybe you’re doing an experiment and want more control over your stimuli, as was the case in the DUSC Lab when we wanted to do a study on self-avatar representation but wanted more control over the game itself, meaning I had to create a game from scratch. Read More…

Community psychology

What is Community Psychology?

August 2, 2016 Crystal 0

The first question I am usually asked when I tell someone I study community psychology is, “What is that, exactly?” Well, actually, no. The first question I usually get goes something like, “So can you tell me what’s wrong with me/my ex/my parent/whoever?” When I explain that no, I’m not a clinician or a counselor, the second question they ask is usually, “What do you do, then?” Fair enough. “What is community psychology?” In all honesty, this is a tough question to answer, at least succinctly. In my first two years at DePaul, a classmate of mine would often look at me Read More…

Welcome to my Universe

July 25, 2016 Crystal 0

I finally made myself a website about community psychology and other topics I’m interested in, after months of talking about it. I figured I’d use the standard “first post” to introduce myself and my interests. Most of the posts in this blog will be about things that I’m interested in, which will probably mostly be online communities, community psychology, gaming and gaming communities, and statistics. Occasionally, I’ll also have some guest authors on here that are way more interesting than I am; they’ll talk about something they’re passionate about, and/or their own research. About Me I guess I’ll start at the Read More…

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